Press Pause

Give your employees what
they need to be passionate
about your ideas and
achieve your vision

How can you help your employees have a great day at work?

In our fast paced, ever changing world, you can ask your employees to press pause and consider their role, their actions, their skills, and their contribution.
Great days happen when employees see value in their contribution, great leaders provide learning opportunities to help employees increase that value.

Learning occurs everywhere, all the time


Performance based learning

Provide your teams with learning experiences that address their specific work challenges and realities.


Instructor led or Self-paced Instruction

Not all organizations have the same requirements for training. Develop your strategy to utilize the best approach, for each performance need you have.

Instructor led

Online or Classroom Learning

Global markets, operational budget, employee availability are all good reasons to select the right mode of learning. The blended options are endless.


Learner Friendly, Just-in-time Support Materials

Give your employees a break! Offer them easy to read, easy to find support materials that get to the point and offer assistance when they need it.

Performance coaching

Coached Learning

Learning on your own is often a struggle and can quickly defeat employees. Your Performance Improvement Strategy can provide structured on-the-job, peer support, to compliment informal mentoring.


Performance Improvement tools

Employees appreciate clear, reasonable direction but are often left to navigate complex, ambiguous job descriptions and performance reviews. You can provide clear direction with a suite of tools designed to connect your employees with your goals.

Your Learning Portfolio

High quality learning development puts the employee at the centre of their own world, then leads them through a logical, meaningful experience that ultimately enables them to  build mastery in their work and to truly understand the why’s, as well as, the how’s.

Work with Press Pause to ensure that your organization's learning portfolio can achieve a range of performance objectives and resonate with your employees.

Laptop showing lock
Connect employees with values and goals
Drive performance
Drive critical performance behaviours
Continuous learning
Support continuous learning and performance improvement
Encourage innovation, critical thinking, and problem solving