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Press Pause is dedicated to improving employee performance through developing learning experiences that count.

Our team of professionals would be pleased to collaborate with you. ​

Who We Are

Press Pause has years of experience developing learning courses and programs, for an extensive range of industries and organizations. We bring a specialized skill set and can be relied upon to deliver high quality products.

What Press Pause Can Do For You

Our 6-D Process



We interview Knowledge Leads and stakeholders, job shadow frontline employees, review business materials, and ask a lot of questions. A. Lot. Of. Questions.



Through a combination of process mapping and brainstorming, we map out curriculum topics and sub-topics.  This becomes the scope of the learning experience. We also seek to connect the curriculum with other learning products internal and external to your organization.



Together with stakeholders, we choose instructional methods and outline the structure of the course or program. We make decisions on evaluation criteria and determine a feedback loop.



With a plan in hand, we write content, organize it effectively, add interactivity, graphics, and media, then polish it up for the first round of reviews.



First, we deliver a pilot session to members of your target audience who aren’t familiar with the project. The learning is finalized and handed over for operational delivery.



We’ll help you to evaluate the learning’s effectiveness in the field by creating Assessment tools based on the performance criteria you provide. 

Press Pause

Press Pause is grounded in our commitment to provide high quality learning and knowledge services. 

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The employees that I work with always inspire me to dig deep to ensure their learning experiences are everything they can be.

Sandy Leiper, Consultant and Learning Designer

Sandy has been devoted to learning for most of her career and has progressed through the full range of learning services roles and through a variety of operational management roles. This unique combination of experience guides her in creating learning experiences that are on point, relevant, and sustainable.  Whether managing your project or designing your learning, Sandy will ensure that you have the information you need to keep on top of project progress, stakeholder participation in the process, and cost.

Success by the numbers

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