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Our team has the full range of skills needed to develop a wide range of learning experiences for your employees.

Many of the samples we're presenting in our portfolio will allow you to fully engage in the learning experience

Check them out. They’ve been modified so that you can try out the interactions.

Canadian tax system screen shot

Quick engagement

Made with PowerPoint, then converted to video, this quick lesson provides an engaging introduction to a topic.

V365 timesheets screen shot

Bright and approachable

This course provides interactive instruction to frontline supervisors about to use a new software application.

Feedback screen shot

Food for thought

This design brings life to an important business topic and provides some concepts for employees to think about.

Jessica timesheets tour

Seeing software through an informal lens

A video demonstration (like this course excerpt) can put employees at ease and be informative.

The game is on.

Play a game in the Press Pause portfolio to see how employees can be challenged and learn at the same time.  We’ve set them up so that you can play along.

Sailing challenge screen shot

Key learning points

Supervisors are challenged to sail their way to the destination point by answering 5 key business questions.

Wheel of knowledge screen shot

Review the learning program

Employees will spin the wheel and answer questions in four categories to see how many points they can score.

Go Fish screen shot

Levity is good practice

This mini-game is inserted into a longer course that provided software instruction, so employees can take a break from all the detail and re-energize.

Our collaborative process

Our collaboration with knowledge leads, organization leaders, and frontline employees enables us to facilitate a design process that encourages participation and respects everyone’s voice. This section of the Press Pause portfolio demonstrates this collaboration.

Subject Matter Expert screen shot

Knowledge Lead contribution

The content for this course was provided by the VP of Legal Services, of a financial company, who had presented it in workshop for senior and middle managers.

Content writing screen shot

Instructional Design and content writing

The learning pro reviewed the curriculum, key messages, and business content then wrote and designed the learning experience.

Anti bribery cover photo

Graphics are added

A graphic artist added the images, graphics, and set the overall tone for the course, bringing the content to life.